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A Tale from the Scrap Bin

July 20, 2018

Even though you may feel like a bit of pack rat, sometimes hanging on to that little scrap of something turns out to be a good thing!

As Pennsic is approaching once again, I don’t have a lot of projects to complete, but I have a sari that I got many years ago and have never used that I’ve decided to turn into a fancy peplos (also commonly known as a “Bog dress”).  This is a type of garment commonly worn by women in ancient Greece and Rome, and in many other cultures of the early Middle Ages as well.  While I have some other linen peploi that I typically wear by themselves, this one I decided I wanted to pair with an undergarment so I wouldn’t feel quite so bare underneath.

I found a nice light cotton with some patterned detail on sale at my local fabric store that was wide enough to fold lengthwise and go comfortably around me.  I machine-stitched the side seam and then hand-rolled the raw edges of the top and bottom to finish them off.

But what to do for the shoulders?  Typically, I pin my peploi at the shoulders using different fibulae (historic safety pins), but since this is intended as an undergarment, I didn’t want to add too much bulk.  After some thought, I remembered that I had a bit of trim (about 18″) left over from a previous project and so I cut two lengths of about three inches, pressed them to a point at each end, and then sewed the trim over the points where I would usually pin at the shoulders.  Presto!  A neat, non-bulky, and decorative way to hold this garment at the shoulders.  Hooray for the (small) box of scrap trim!

Cotton Peplos 2018 (2)

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