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Double Scroll Update

February 16, 2018

Last week was the big winter event in our local area – the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.  This event usually has a big court since it’s well-attended and this year was no exception, so I ended up doing two scrolls.

The first was an award of arms, and for this I did #2 in the “paper towel” inspired series.

Ppr Twl 2.2

Val Day AoA 18







I didn’t end up with as much of the basket weave look in my finished piece, so I might use this one again and perhaps vary the spacing a bit so that the bands are closer together and create a little more of an overlap.

Still, I like the contrast of the colored bands and black filler.  Once again, the gold dots really give the whole thing a more cohesive appearance.

We also saw a baronial transition at the event and it is typical in the SCA for the outgoing baron/esses to be awarded a court barony as a sign of their service and dedication.  I had asked our regional signet a few months ago if I could lay claim to doing the scroll for one of the outgoing baronesses (we had a mother-daughter pair) who I greatly admire.

I had some ideas in mind, particularly some ways to incorporate some of the recipient’s heraldry – the three bumblebees representing her three daughters.  In my previous obsession with Trinity MS R.17.1, I noticed that many of the letters had flowers that looked like they could easily be converted into bees, so that’s exactly what I did!

img_1501Ultimately, I combined elements of several manuscripts here.  The large initial letter is based on the left initial from f.240r and the flowers that became bees are found in many of the letters overall (you can see one in the next initial on the same page).

I used gold leaf over Miniatum ink for the gilded areas on the letter but then I got a little out of sequence and also didn’t want to fuss with the tiny areas of gold on the bees, so ended up doing those with Holbein pearl gold gouache.


As you can also see, this is another 12th century style scroll with the introductory line done in big colorful letters.  I’ve done a few of these in the past six months or so, but they’re just so fun!

Let It detail

I did plan ahead somewhat for this scroll and decided to fill in the lines at the ends of paragraphs – and the start of the next paragraph – with some decorative details inspired by borders from the St. Alban’s Psalter, another 12th century English manuscript.  This book has a ton of amazing borders around the large illuminated pages, so it’s a gold mine for scribes!  The ones I used here are mainly the simpler borders from pages 69, 70, and 71.

The finishing touch was the kingdom seal.  Once again, I went the route of a tiny dragon and I wanted to include the silver coronet of the court barony award in the design.  I decided to put the kingdom’s device inside the coronet, which let me include the 12-pointed coronet awarded to those who are previous landed baron/esses without having to worry about drawing the form in perspective and trying to get in all 12 points!

img_1540 (2)I found a schematic of a circle divided into 12 sections, but ultimately I just used my template to make two circles – one for the inner ring and one for the points and then eyeballed the divisions for 12 points and tried not to worry too much about making them exactly even!

The silver of the coronet is silver gouache over a grey base layer, though I’m not sure that was really needed here.  I usually do a golden-yellow base layer under metallic gold gouache, just in case the gold is a little thin in spots, but I was really happy with the way this silver covered!

I freehanded little circles for the pearls and just filled them in with Permanent White and a tiny touch of grey on the curves to give a sense of shape.  I’m really pleased with the way this turned out overall!

And finally, the finished product!  This is done on an 11×14″ sheet of heavyweight Pergamenata. natural color.  The margin is 1 1/4″ with a one inch division in the center.  Paints are Winsor & Newton Designer’s Gouache with Holbein Pearl Gold.  The silver was given to me by a fellow scribe, so I don’t know the brand (though I’m going to find out).



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  1. Cellach permalink
    February 20, 2018 9:14 am

    Your scrolls are always lovely. The scroll for Antonia was especially nice. Thanks!

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