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Pick-ing Up

September 29, 2017

The last couple of weeks I’ve been working on some more pick up weaving to make some bookmarks for a largesse challenge held at the Middle Kingdom Coronation.  This is an opportunity for artisans and craftspeople to showcase their work and also provide a stash of small items that the King and Queen can give out as small gifts throughout their reign.
I started with the patterns from Anne Dixon’s book, The Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory and built from there.  Some of the patterns I adapted from ones that come later in the book, since I set up this warp with only seven pattern threads.  One warp of my loom produced 11 bookmarks about 7 inches long each (plus fringe).  Since the challenge was “Dirty Dozen or Lucky Seven” (submit either 13 or 7 of an item) I did a second warp and made 10 more bookmarks for a total of 21.
I learned a lot in doing these patterns, especially how important it is to space the motifs correctly.  A couple of the early patterns I charted have some odd points in them because I didn’t realize yet that it was important to pay attention to whether the odd or even pattern threads were being lifted to the top of the weaving.
Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way these turned out and now I have some better experience with this technique.  I’ve spent way too much time on Pinterest as well, collecting more patterns.  This is another technique that appeals to my pattern-loving mind, so it’s satisfying to see things develop as they should.

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