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More Blue Weaving

September 5, 2017

So I’ve got a lot of blue thread I’m trying to use up, which is why this project uses the same blue as the previous one.

This technique is one I’ve had percolating for the last couple of years but haven’t really tried.  I took a class at Pennsic last year and gave it a shot but the process didn’t really work out, though I kept thinking about it.  Finally, I got some heavier thread and watched a great tutorial video from The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist and presto – pick-up inkle weaving!

First Pick UpThe finished length is just under half an inch wide and a few inches more than 8 feet long.  This is another “pay attention” weaving method, though you do pick up the rhythm after a while.

Overall, I like the way this turned out, though I would leave a little more space between the pick-up motif and the border on future projects.  Maybe just one more row of weaving on each side would set the design off a little more.

Of course, one of our cats – Bouncer – felt the need to investigate the new thing in her space.  She always has to touch everything!

Bouncer Weaving


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