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Last Minute Project

July 27, 2017

I’m leaving for Pennsic tomorrow, and while I didn’t make any new clothes this year, I have been working on finishing up a tablet weaving project that’s been on the loom since January.  I was determined to get this done and off the loom before I left, so this afternoon I did the last few repeats of the pattern.

This is the first of the three “S” patterns from Applesies and Fox Noses, based on a fragment of a woven band from an archaeological find dating to the Iron Age in Finland.  This is a rather broad period from about 500BC to 1150AD, and unfortunately the book doesn’t give specifics as to the estimated date of the actual find (some further research to be done when I’m not also packing).

Applsies S PatternThe pattern here is deceptively simple.  While the finished product isn’t complicated, getting there requires a fair amount of attention since this is not a basic X-turns forward/ X-turns back pattern.  Instead, different packs of cards turn forward or back on each pick every four or five picks so keeping count of each turn of the cards is important!  I also reversed the turning of the border cards every three repeats of the pattern (6 “S” shapes) to prevent the buildup of too much twist.

The finished band is 101″ long (plus fringe) and 3/8″ wide – very delicate, and I think this would look very nice done in silk or fine wool.  The bold color contrast is striking!

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