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The Milk Jug Bag 2.0

July 18, 2017

A couple of years ago I made a post about this old Girl Scout craft, the ditty bag or camp carrier made from an empty milk jug.  When I did these in Girl Scouts we used a gallon jug, and that’s what I used for my contemporary project as well.

That carrier lasted for four years, which I think is pretty good considering that today’s plastic jugs are a lot lighter than those of the past.  Still, since we don’t cram as much into ours as I used to in my Girl Scout days, the gallon jug seemed to be a little big for our needs.

So when we got home from Pennsic last year, I saved a half-gallon jug to use for a smaller version and as I’m prepping for this year’s trip I finally got around to finishing the project.
New Ditty Bag 2
The biggest thing I learned from this new project is one of those “life hack” things the internet likes to yell about these days.  When it came to pulling the label stickers off of the jug, I was left with a lot of adhesive residue that just didn’t want to come off.  Soap and super-hot water?  Nope.  Acetone?  Kind of, but not super effective.  So I did some Google business and found a couple of suggestions.  First, rubbing alcohol.  Again, this produced a “sort of” result, but didn’t really work well.  The big winner?  Vegetable oil!  That’s right, plain old canola oil from the bottle on my pantry shelf.  Drizzle some on the adhesive, cover with a paper towel and let sit for 10-15 minutes and the adhesive rubs right off.  It was incredible!  Now you know…

Originally, I had planned to cut down the fabric top of my original bag to make it fit the New Ditty Bag 1half-gallon jug.  However, I found this would have meant cutting down a LOT (like almost half) and I didn’t really want to fuss around with it that much.  So what I ended up doing was marking the fabric at regular intervals and tacking it in place at the corners of the jug and midway along each side.  Then, as I was stitching the fabric in place, I just made a couple of small pleats across each side to take up the extra fabric.  This way, I still have a big opening at the top to reach into and a smaller container at the bottom to carry my shower supplies.  Project completed!

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