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Once More Around

March 19, 2017

Back again after an over-long absence.  Work has been exceptionally busy the past several months and, while my bank account is happy, I haven’t had much free time.

Nonetheless, here’s a scribal update from the first couple of events for 2017.

Midair Andelcrag WritFor 12th Night in January, I did a special scroll for the Baronesses of Andelcrag.  This writ isn’t a traditional SCA award, but gives some special but limited privileges to an individual known for his special humor and fun-loving qualities.





12th Night AoA 17I also did an award for the royal court that was inspired by an 11th century runestone from the island of Gotland.  The recipient is working on a persona from this region, and the less complex style of the artwork made this a relatively quick and easy work to do.  The hardest part was working out the text so the runes would fit into the space available!




Val Day DH 17.2Finally, for Val Day in February I was assigned a Dragon’s Heart – the same award I did last year.  These are always fun to do and I look for forms that are really unique.  This design is inspired by a tattoo artist’s work based on Norse forms, and you can see the similarity to the runestone I used for the award above.  Here also, while the design seems simple, this is a case where less is definitely more and the bold outline really lets the form stand out in contrast to the text and the more colorful heart within the design.

Next up, some weaving updates!


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