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February Fun

February 20, 2016

This might be the longest I’ve ever gone between posts – almost three months!  I’ve been doing things, and I’ve thought about posting but just never gotten around to it.  With a little bit of free time this weekend, an update is finally here.

So, when last we left off it was Thanksgiving, which meant end of the semester, lots of grading, and lots of Christmas cookie baking (and consequently not a lot of time for blog posting).

Brown Butter StarsFor this year’s Christmas cookie collection, I made mostly recipes I’ve used before.  The four new recipes were, first, a Brown Butter Sugar Cookie from King Arthur Flour.  These were supposed to be made with some patterned cookie stamps from KA, but I just made them as star-shaped cutouts.

Next, I was looking for a slice-and-bake or icebox cookie and thinking of something orange, so I found these Orange Pecan Cookies from Taste of Home.  Though I apparently forgot to take a picture of the finished cookies, they turned out nicely, with a light orange flavor.  It’s funny that Taste of Home doesn’t have a picture with the recipe either!

Coconut SnowballsTaste of Home also gave me a recipe for Coconut Snowballs.  I had some coconut in the freezer to use up and these made a tasty option.  The coconut ends up being a little crunchy and chewy at the same time.  If I make these again, I might get some coconut extract to add a little extra flavor.  These get a second roll in powdered sugar before serving, so they’ll have a more finished look.

Cherry Jam SlicesFinally, the best new recipe was one that I think I found on Yahoo in one of their Christmas cookie articles – Striped Icebox Cookies.  These were super!  Nice crunchy texture from the cornmeal in the cookie dough, and tart, fruity layers of jam filling in between.  A little fiddly to make, but a yummy result.

Packed Tin 2015And here is the finished result – 12 different kinds of cookies packed in their tin.  I gave a lot away, as usual – family, friends, neighbors – and also contributed a lot of what I had left to a peerage vigil at 12th Night, so by now they are all gone and we won’t be eating Christmas cookies at Easter this year!

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