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Two Scrolls

September 22, 2015

A couple of weeks ago the announcement came out from our regional signet (scribal officer) for the court at Vikings Come Home, an event in northern Michigan.  I took two assignments, one that I made from scratch and one that I used a blank to produce.

Vikings Dragon's Heart 15The from-scratch scroll had to be kept super-secret since it was intended for the person who was serving as signet at the event.  This lady is also on the staff of the current royalty and was receiving a Dragon’s Heart for her service.  Since she does a Norse persona, I was thinking along those lines for the scroll and I achieved my “vision” really quickly.

This is a “less is more” scroll with a simple outline of an interlaced dragon (from Pinterest) holding an interlaced heart in its talons.  Vikings Heart DetailTypically the device of the Dragon’s Heart award is embellished with silver scales, but I decided to keep this pretty minimal and just added a couple of silver dots at the points of the heart for detail.  I also gave the dragon an outline of red dots and filled in the big gaps between the text sections with dotwork as well.

The second scroll was for a person I didn’t know at all, so it was difficult to pick a style (his name didn’t really give me a clue) but I ended up using a 14th-century style whitework blank that I’d made a couple of years ago.  I’ve been using up some of these blanks, so I’ll have to try to get started making some more at some point!  Vikings AoA 15I like this scroll, especially that I left space for the signatures outside of the framing element – it’s a little different than the standard border that encloses everything.


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