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Lucky 13

August 28, 2015

I’ve been working on a couple of different projects over the last few weeks since we returned home.  One of them I can’t reveal yet since it’s a special gift for a friend and I don’t want it to be public until it’s given – stay tuned for that in a few weeks!

The other quick project is a set of inkle woven bookmarks made to be given as largesse when our local baroness goes to an event in Colorado – the Kingdom of the Outlands.

Outlands BookmarksI made a batch of kingdom-themed bookmarks a few years ago that were smaller than these, about 3 inches long.  These are about six and a half inches and I ended up with 13 of them from one warp of my loom.

Just a basic weave for these, based on the kingdom’s device, which has an embattled border.  It’s always nice to see the pattern develop once the weaving starts.

I have to sit down and watch a tutorial on pick-up weaving so I can branch out a bit.  I took a class at Pennsic, but my brain still hasn’t really absorbed the process yet.

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