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Button & Buttonhole Tutorial

August 14, 2015

After taking a few years off, I taught my self-stuffed cloth buttons class at Pennsic again.  Even though it was at an early time (9am is early for a lot of people) I had eight students and everyone was able to successfully complete a button.  One student who was left-handed did have difficulty with the buttonhole portion, but I’m sure she’ll get it worked out over time.

Unfortunately, the images I included in my handout were not the greatest.  If I’d made color copies the handouts would have been nearly $3 apiece, and that was simply too much to spend.  So I promised the class that I would put my handout up here to make the images available to them, and here it is!

Button Up!

Please note that the instructions here are for right-handed individuals, particularly when it comes to the buttonhole.  Left-handed instructions are available from La Cotte Simple.

If you have questions, feel free to ask!  Making buttons and buttonholes is one of those little finishing details that I enjoy doing by hand when I sew – this is a step that lets me add a little creativity and individuality to my work.

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