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Elevation Madness, Part 6 – And Then It Sank Into The Swamp

July 7, 2015

OK, so it’s now been more than a week since the actual event and, as usual, I spent the last week thinking to myself that I should do a last update to wrap everything up and, as usual, I kept putting it off, so here we are!

So if you were at Baron Wars you know already that the weather was so bad it was verging on the ridiculous.  It wasn’t completely horrific – the rain wasn’t actually a torrential downpour, it just rained from about the time we got set up on Friday night more or less continuously until we left at about 4 o’clock on Saturday afternoon.  The high temperature was about 65 degrees, which wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t been raining, and the rain wouldn’t have been so bad if the wind hadn’t also been gusting at 30-40 miles per hour.  Ridiculous weather for June!

At any rate, I ended up sharing vigil space in one of the fort blockhouses with my household brother, Sir Gregoire, who is also being elevated as a Pelican at a later date.  Being in the blockhouse was great – not only out of the rain, but out of the wind as well – and it allowed visitors to chat with both of us without having to trek to separate locations in all the mess.

Of course, at the end of the day, water started coming up through the floor of the building, but according to the fort staff that’s “normal”.

IMG_1779So the dress got done with the exception of rolling over the last raw edge of the wool/silk fabric where I added a band of linen at the bottom hem.  I finished that up this week so it would be taken care of.  Overall, I’m happy with the way this dress turned out.  I made good use of both the body fabric and the linen for the trim – there’s hardly any of either of those left.  I have some of the grey silk that will go back to the person that “loaned” it to me, though I’m keeping a strip that I will use part of in a small pouch that I’m planning to make as a gift for another friend.

I finished my new banner in time for the event as well, and I am mostly happy with it though I had a small accident that ended up being not nearly as catastrophic as it could have been.  While working IMG_1761on the large green area, I bumped my elbow on a jack post in the basement and splashed dye out of the (nearly empty) bottle I was working with.  A couple of the drops splashed fortuitously and missed areas that could have been really bad (you can see some of the splash at the bottom near the middle of the fabric.  A little bit got on the small corner where the white and green areas meet, but that kind of blends in with everything, and there’s one small starburst inside one of the white fleurs.  Overall, considering that the results could have been much worse, I am reminding myself that when it’s flying from a pole, no one will notice.
The one serious effect of the weather is that the banner got a little shredded at the end from the wind and rain, so I’m working on rolling the edge so it doesn’t fray any farther.  I really like the way the dragon and pelican turned out.  Watering down these dyes to make lighter colors works really well and let me make the lighter green on the dragon and the grey I used for some shading on the pelican.

Because of the crazy weather, the royalty decided to move court up to 2 o’clock to allow people to leave early if they chose to.  Court was held in the Boar’s Head, a stone building inside the fort.  There was barely enough standing room for everyone to squeeze in, but the atmosphere was great!  You could hear what was being said, you could see what was happening, and the camaraderie and fellowship were really a great part of the experience.

IMG_1767One of the best parts of the whole thing is that some friends made me a coat!  We’ve had this red wool laying around for a number of years – it’s a coat weight and every year I mean to make a coat out of it to wear at colder events, so this was a great opportunity to finally get that done.  They did a fantastic job, the coat fits great and was great to wear after the ceremony (yay, wool!) and has this amazing pelican emblem appliqued on the back in wool and wool felt.  The ladies who made the coat still want to add some silk trim, but ran out of time due to an ordering/shipping snafu before the event.  Still, it is an amazing gift and I’m very proud to wear it and show off the skills of my friends.  I’m kind of hoping for a cool Pennsic this year…

So now I’m a Mistress of the Order of the Pelican.  It still feels a little weird to think of myself that way, and I still plan on continuing to contribute to the Middle Kingdom and the SCA in whatever ways I can.  We’ll have to see what this new status brings.

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