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Elevation Madness, Part 5

June 23, 2015

So one of the things I’ve been meaning to make for the past couple of years are some new silk banners for the Hubs and I.  Of course, this has fallen off the list for a while in favor of other projects but now I really have some incentive!

I started laying out the silk and working on the design last week and then Sunday I started applying the resist.  I didn’t have enough contact paper on hand to do my usual process of sticking the silk to the contact paper, so I just have it pinned to my big cutting table downstairs with some waxed paper underneath to keep the resist from marking up the tabletop.  The whole thing is 18 inches by 6 feet.

IMG_1754The design is relatively simple – a dragon and pelican in the hoist area and the rest of it will be divided green and white with fleurs across the whole thing to reference my heraldry.  I decided to leave off the block border all the way around because it’s fussy to get the right number of blocks worked out to alternate colors, and just did blocks around the charges at the hoist.

I split the “tail” area diagonally which isn’t necessarily heraldically correct, but I think it’s more dynamic visually.  Plus, banners like this don’t have to copy the actual heraldry exactly.

Fleur 1So I finished the resist yesterday and left it to dry with a fan blowing across the table since this is in the basement, which is slightly damp.  Today I plan to get the silk stretched on my big frame and start applying some paint!

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