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Elevation Madness, Part 4

June 17, 2015

Things are moving along!

IMG_1739 Over the weekend, I finished embroidering the neck facing piece for my dress.  I had some suggestions of things to add to it, but in the end I decided to leave it just as it was, without even the metallic silver embellishment I had originally thought of.  I really like the way the grey silk stands out against the linen, and the way the pale silk pops against the darker grey of the silk.

Now the difficult part – cutting the fabric for the dress.  I bought the piece as a remnant about a year ago, so there’s no going back for more.  But, with help from the Hubs, we altered the body pattern to fit the angle of the neck facing and I worked up my courage and got the two main body pieces cut out.

IMG_1738Last night, I worked on tacking down the seam allowances inside along the shoulders.  This fabric is rather ravel-y, so I didn’t want to just leave the raw edges unfinished.  All I did was turn the cut edges under and tack the allowance down, taking tiny stitches through the body fabric so they would show as little as possible on the outside.  The whole thing went much more quickly than I expected, happily, though I will have more to do once I get the whole dress put together.

IMG_1740This let me move on to the next step of attaching the neck facing and cutting the opening.  So this morning I pinned on the neck facing, right side of the facing to the wrong side of the fabric, and sewed around the opening in the facing.

This arrangement means that when I cut away the wool from the opening and flip the neck facing to the outside of the dress, the right side of the embroidery will be visible.

IMG_1741And so it is!  After a break for lunch, I took scissors in hand, built up my courage yet again, and made the cut.  With some judicious pressing and pinning, the neck facing is in place and there are no weird gaps or gathers that required a lot of easing of one fabric or the other.

Now, I just have to stitch down the outer edge of the facing to complete this part of the project.  I plan to hand stitch this, though I’m thinking of doing a very loose tack stitch with my machine just to hold everything in place.  The wool is so light and drapey, I’m afraid that things will shift during hand stitching despite all of the pins.

After that will be cutting and sewing the gores and sleeves, and then a lot of hand stitching to finish off all those seam allowances inside!

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