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Elevation Madness, Part 3

June 12, 2015

Progress, progress…

I finished the embroidery on the sleeve bands for my dress, then turned my attention to the neckline.  This is one like the brown bliaut project where the neckline decoration is a reverse facing, so I have to do the embroidery before I cut out the dress.

So I mocked up a facing out of some scrap material and after some substantial tweaking with able tailoring assistance from the Hubs, came up with a neckline that will work.  This also meant making a little alteration to the dress pattern, but a quick muslin mockup of that worked out as well.

IMG_1733Last night I put together the actual fabrics for the neck facing and this morning I transferred the design.  Another pelican medallion at the bottom with the same interlace I used on the sleeves and some interlace medallions follow around the whole neckline.

The layout worked pretty well, and I’m trying not to obsess about the fact that it’s not 100% even.

I figured I’d add a bit here about how I transferred this pattern.  I used a combination of methods, both for this neckline and for the sleeve bands.

I’d originally planned to use the “prick and pounce” method that I’ve done previously for transferring a design onto dark fabric.  I gave it a shot on some waste fabric and it seemed to work all right, but the silk was a little different for some reason and though the interlace design transferred well enough for me to trace over with a white fabric pencil, the pelican medallion didn’t.  Maybe it was just too complex?

IMG_1736After a moment or two of “Crud…what am I going to do?” I thought of the white transfer paper I have for tracing scribal designs.  Gave it a test and it worked great!

So the end result is that the medallions are transferred with the tracing paper by cutting a piece to fit the shape of the circle and going over it with a dull pencil.  The interlace is done by prick and pounce and the filled in with white fabric pencil.  The transfer paper makes an even clearer line than the fabric pencil does – just make sure to do your tracing with a hard surface underneath to support everything and get a clear line.

Both of these markings will wear off somewhat with repeated handling (I found while doing the sleeve bands) and any stray marks will probably come out with water, though I’m not sure I plan on doing any significant washing of this item once it’s done!  The baby powder I used for the prick and pounce technique brushes easily off of the silk as well.

More embroidery for the weekend!

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