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Elevation Madness, Part 2

June 8, 2015

I’ve actually gotten quite a lot done in the past week and I hope I’m not inviting trouble by saying that things are going pretty well overall.

IMG_1726First, I finished the hem and the embroidery on my yellow underdress.  This will add a little flair to the dress where it will show at the cuffs, neck, and hem.  I just did a simple double herringbone stitch in dark green with a gold tack stitch where the long threads cross one another to hold everything in place.  This adds a little contrast and also helps keep the long stitches from hanging loose and potentially getting caught on things.

The only thing that’s left to do here is give the dress a quick warm wash to take out the guide marks I made.  I did these using a heat-sensitive ink that disappears when ironed, but can reappear in cold temperatures.  Testing on a scrap piece shows that a warm water wash effectively removes the ink so that it doesn’t reappear.

If you’re interested these pens are great for doing this kind of marking, or for tracing out patterns to be embroidered where the stitching will cover the inked line.  I used this on the Pennsic favors I made and didn’t even bother intentionally ironing over the lines when I was done since the stitching covered almost everything.

IMG_1728Over the weekend I also started doing the decorative embroidery for my overdress.  I started with the bicep bands because they were easy to put together and transport for weekend events.  I got one band completely finished on Saturday and started the second one on Sunday, though I didn’t get it complete – maybe tonight!

The embroidery here is done mainly with Splendor silk 12-strand thread, though I only used 4 strands to do the work.  The black used for the eyes is the Vineyard silk brand that I used because I had it on hand.  I do have to make a trip out to the embroidery shop to pick up some more of the gold I used for the beaks.  I hadn’t initially planned to add any color other than the red blood droplet, but input from friends convinced me otherwise and I don’t have enough of the gold to finish.

I also started to add some silver thread to the finished band, but decided I wasn’t entirely happy with the result.  The silver thread has to be couched down, which takes time, while the embroidery goes fairly quickly.  I decided that I’m going to finish doing the silk embroidery and see where I am time-wise to decide if I want to add any metallic silver or not.

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