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Big Changes Afoot

May 28, 2015

Well, now that we’re approaching the end of May and I’ve accomplished more things, here is another post.  Two in the same month!

Pennsic 44 Champions 2For the past couple of months I’ve had an ongoing part in a larger project to make belt favors that will be given to fighters at Pennsic by the Queens of the East and Middle (we’re having a friendship war this year, so it’s the Middle and East kingdoms as primary allies).  The favors were fun to embroider and finish, and I made a grand total of 14 – six queen’s favors posted previously and eight to be given to queen’s champions.

Crown BreadI also helped a friend cook the feast that was served after Crown Tournament.  Since the Hubs was fighting, I couldn’t work in the kitchen all day but I did make the bread for the feast ahead of time.  I used the No-Knead Sandwich Bread recipe that I’ve been using for our bread at home but instead of baking in a loaf pan, I made round “rustic” loaves baked on parchment paper on a cookie sheet.  I altered the recipe somewhat by using about one-quarter white whole wheat flour and one-quarter all purpose flour.  I also made two loaves that were half bread flour and half white whole wheat for the head table.  18 loaves total, baked over two days, and only about three loaves came back home!

Crown Gold Mace 15My scroll assignment for the day was also for a friend – a Gold Mace for leadership in armored combat.  The recipient has an early period persona, so I found a fun “Celtic” style boar (his lady likes piggies and he has some boar-themed accessories) and an interlace medallion to hold the crossed maces of the award’s device.  I like the simplicity of the design here – I didn’t want to go overboard with elaborate decoration.  I used pearl gold paint for the details of the boars and the interlace and maces with embellishments of red dots around the maces (typically on a red field) and spiral designs along the bottom margin.  I’m glad I didn’t fill in the whole field around the maces with red – that would have been too much compared to the sparseness of the rest of the page.

Finally, in a completely unexpected turn of events, I was called out of the kitchen where I was helping to prep for feast and into Their Majesties’ court where I was stunned to be offered elevation into the Order of the Pelican.  I’ve only been a protege for a little over a year, so this was something I never expected to happen and I am deeply honored to be made a member of this group.  My elevation will be in just about a month at Baron Wars, so I have A LOT to do before then…

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