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Three Completed Projects

October 24, 2014

Obviously I haven’t been spending a lot of time posting, but I have managed to complete a few projects!

I finally finished my St. Birgitta Cap a couple of weeks ago – the night before an event I figured I might as well finish it up since all I had to do was stitch the ends of the loop together.

Finished AssemblyFinished CapSo here is the finished product, all hand-sewn, and a photo of me wearing it.  I’m very glad that it worked out to be the correct size – my hair just fits up inside it without a lot of extra bagging.  I was able to wear it all day without discomfort, though a few strands of hair did escape at the back as the day went on.  I kind of expected that, since my hair does not like to stay restrained unless I use a ton of product on it, and that’s kind of hard to do in this case!  I’m interested to see how it will work with a veil at some point, though that will have to be at an event where I’m not particularly busy.

Andelcrag ChainI’ve also been working on some weaving.  We participated in a demo opportunity a few weeks ago and I set up both of my looms to take along so people could see the two different techniques of inkle weaving and card weaving.  The inkle weaving I set up in Andelcrag’s colors of black, white, and yellow in a chain pattern.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with this, perhaps give it to Their Excellencies to use as largesse.

Cynnabar 2014 FinishedI also did a card weaving setup using Cynnabar’s colors of red, black, and white.  This will go to Grand Tournament in about three weeks as one of the tournament prizes, something I’ve done for the past several years.  Both of these bands are about three yards long.

ApplesiesFinally, the Hubs joined the Historic Tablet Weaving group on Facebook and we kept seeing folks there referring to a book titled Applesies and Fox Noses.  So I searched around for it and found this lovely little book written by two ladies from Finland who have studied extensively and reproduced many of the existing tablet weaving patterns from Iron Age Finland, as well as creating some new patterns.  So of course, the Hubs ordered it up for me!

I haven’t tried anything from the book yet, since I’ve been finishing up the Cynnabar band above, but now that my looms are free I might have to try something new.  The challenge is always working out the slightly different pattern notation used by different authors so that it aligns with the way I think about setting up the loom based on what I’ve already learned, but I’m sure I’ll work it out.  This book has some very interesting-looking patterns, many of which will be quite a challenge, since they require sections of the card pack to be turned in different directions.  Up until now, I’ve only worked patterns that let me turn the entire pack of cards at the same time.  I also need to work with the lettering book I have to figure out how to weave letters.  More projects to come!

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