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Pennsic Swag and a New Project

August 14, 2014

Pennsic this year was fun, as always, and a bit cooler and rainier than usual, which was nice since the past few years have been pretty hot.  Chilly nights made for more evenings around the fire and lots of fun with friends.

Now that we’re back home, the mass of Pennsic-related laundry is (almost) done and I’m moving on to the regular rotation of ordinary clothes to wash.

I didn’t make many purchases this year – I think we’re kind of at that point where we don’t really need things as a person new to the SCA might – but I did come home with a few items as well as a new project to work on until next year.

BeakerLast year, the Hubs bought a 14th-century style pottery beaker from Please Touch Pottery.  I liked the shape and look of it, but wanted one just a bit smaller, so I made a point to get to the merchant early in the two weeks and bought this nice little piece.  It’s the same shape as the one the Hubs has, just smaller so that it fits my hand and weighs a little less.  The color is a kind of mottled green on the outside with dark brown on the inside.

Green Glass BraceletA couple of years ago, someone left a glass bracelet made by Arab Boy of Historical Glassworks on the shrine of the Cookie Fairy.  The bracelet is beautiful but somewhat large for me and unless I shoved it up to just below my elbow where it would stay in place, I ran the risk of the bracelet just dropping off my hand.  I went to get another piece that would just fit over my hand so it is small enough to stay in place and will also keep the larger one from slipping off.  The color didn’t really come through so well in this picture, but it’s dark green with some white threads running throughout the spiral form.

FabricMy fabric purchase was six yards of red linen from Carolina Calicoes.  They always have massive amounts of fabric in a wide variety of colors at pretty reasonable prices ($6.50/yard for 60″ wide linen).  The weight is similar to the IL019 medium-weight from but I think the weave is finer and the fabric is definitely less slubby and has a nice drape.  The red here is a little richer than it looks in the bright sun of this photo.

Mayor's GiftFinally, an item that was given to me.  This was my second year as Deputy Mayor of the Cultural Affairs division of Pennsic staff.  This covers most of the activities that are not fighting-related – the University, Perfoming Arts, Dance, Games, Middle Eastern Arts, and the A&S Display.  It’s been Pennsic tradition for the Mayor (event steward for the entire event) to give a small gift to the Deputy Mayors and staff as a thank-you for their time and contributions.  This year, the Mayor arranged to have glass reproductions of each deputy’s personal heraldry made by an SCA artisan.  This was a very thoughtful gift and I really appreciate all of the time and effort that went into it!

Sheet Wall SunNow, on to my next project – more fabric painting!  The head of the European Dance section had a great idea to make some decorated fabric panels as a way of fencing off the Technical Services courtyard that sits within the Dance, Games, and University tents.  We have a perennial problem with people walking into the courtyard from the Dance tent (or letting their kids run out and play there) which can be dangerous since there are often golf carts whizzing around.  The staff put up a barrier of orange snow fencing – functional but not attractive – and the fabric walls are intended as a means of blocking access while having a more appealing look.  Despite lots of enthusiasm, only a few of the panels got painted before Pennsic so I volunteered to take some off her hands to work on over the upcoming year.  I absconded with 5 panels that already have designs drawn on them and 5 more blanks.  I’ll probably get started on these once the summer is over and we have something of an event lag at the end of the year.  I also need to check back with the current Majesties’ staff about heraldry for the Queen so I can do up the last two patches for the Rose Cloak before they step down.

Projects and plans, plans and projects!

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