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Finishing Touches

July 21, 2014

Champion's TabardOver the weekend I had a couple of binge-sewing days and got the baronial champion’s device added to the Hubs’ fighting tabard – more applique!  Yes, I used two different colors of fabric for the leaves in the wreath with matching thread for the satin stitch and yes, I stitched the leaves in order to make it look like they were properly overlapping.  Because I am that person…  But the end result looks great!

Button LoopsWhile I was working on sewing the new fighting jacket, the Hubs made a length of lucet cord to use for button loops, which I attached over the last couple of days.  Now all that’s left is to put on the buttons and sew in a couple of canvas reinforcing patches at the shoulders and elbows for armor attachments.

This is pretty much all the sewing I have to do.  I’d still kind of like to put a linen lining in this wool overcoat that I made out of a converted tunic, but I’m not sure I’m going to get to that in the next 4 days.  I think my work at war project this year is going to be the embroidery and beading on the purple wool hood I started a few months ago.  Plus, I might enjoy at least having the hood there if it gets really chilly!

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