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I Have Returned!

May 25, 2014

It’s a little hard to believe that it’s been over two months since my last post.  I’ve been both busy and lazy – keeping up with this blogging thing takes a lot of effort!

Though I’ve been absent, I haven’t been idle and I have been working on a variety of things.

Larry Coat TiesI reattached some points on the laces for the Hubs’ fighting coat.  These are lacing kits from Historic Enterprises and the instructions say to glue the points onto the braids, but they never seem to stay that way.  So the Hubs started using a tiny bit to drill a couple of holes through the top of the metal point and they get stitched on.  He still loses a few now and then, mostly in the wash, but they last longer.

Andelcrag GartersThe latest weaving project was a commission from the Baroness of Andelcrag for a set of garters.  I also used the excess to make a few more bookmark tokens the Baronesses can give out.  These are card woven and the garters are about 28″ long.

Apple PiesAlso a little cooking – I test-baked three small apple pies from the 16th-century Cookbook of Sabina Welserin to try out different cheeses in each one.  For this test, I used Muenster, a Swiss Emmenthaler, and an aged Provolone.  The Muenster was the most mild, almost unnoticeable.  The Provolone was very strong – like a strong Parmesan.  I liked the Emmenthaler the best – it combined both the fruit of the apple and some cheese flavors.

Cap PartsFinally, I have been working on a little sewing project – a St. Birgitta cap.  This is a piece based on an existing 14th century cap held in a convent in the Netherlands and attributed to St. Birgitta of Sweden.  The cap is two linen halves joined along the center by a strip of embroidery and with a long loop that figure-eights around the head to hold the cap on.  I didn’t have any lightweight white linen yardage on hand, but I was able to work with some scraps that I had around.  I pieced together the strip that makes the loop and had two sections Basted Cap Pieceslarge enough for the sides of the cap.  I hand-hemmed the edges of the sides that will get joined by embroidery – everything else is enclosed by the finishing strip.  Currently, the cap halves are basted onto a scrap piece with a gap of half an inch so I can start the embroidery to join them.  Basting the pieces down will help me maintain the proper gap as I go.  Next step – intertwined herringbone stitch with linen thread!

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