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Scrolls and Birthday Presents!

March 25, 2014

I did two scrolls for last weekend’s Clancy Day event in Canada.  For one of them, I used one of the blanks I created last year and added a Purple Fret emblem to the bottom.  The second scroll was done from scratch using a variation of the “Tree of Life” motif that I’ve used on some of my notecards (that I also need to get around to working on again).

Now that the awards have been given, here are the scrolls:

Clancy Day Fret 14This is the Purple Fret, given for service.  I had already done the border design with a Celtic maze motif as one of my blanks last year and I added the award’s device with a similar maze design around the fret.  I like the way this turned out – I kind of felt like the border itself was a little simple, but adding the decorated fret made the whole thing pop a little.

Clancy Day Acorn 14This Silver Acorn I did from scratch, and it turned out pretty well also.  The “Tree of Life” design is one that also comes from Celtic carvings in the Early Medieval era and fits the recipient’s persona.  This is a youth award given for achievement in the arts and sciences.  When I had it done, I added the dot spirals in the center of the page because there was kind of a big gap there between sections and I thought it needed some thing to fill the space.

Over the weekend, some birthday presents that the Hubs had ordered me also arrived!  I knew what was in the boxes, but I wanted to hold off opening them until my actual birthday (he thought that was silly) so I waited until yesterday.

Weaving BookI’ve been wanting to try tablet weaving letters, and the main book that has instructions on doing this is the tablet weaving “Bible” by Peter Collingwood.  I don’t have that book, and I keep hearing that the instructions are a little convoluted and difficult to understand so I haven’t taken a crack at it yet.  Instead, I asked for Please Weave a Message by Linda Hendrickson, who does a tremendous amount of all different types of weaving and put together this book of patterns for different types of woven script.  I like that there are a couple of different plausibly Medieval versions, so I’m looking forward to trying some new weaving before too long – though I have another commission to get to first.

Brushes 2The brushes I’ve been using for my scrolls are mainly ones that I’ve picked up at places like Michael’s, so they’re not the most fantastic (though they do the job) and I’ve been wanting to get some better brushes for a while.  After asking around, many other scribes recommended brushes made by the Kalish company, a small company based in New Jersey that produces handmade brushes.  I got their Series 7 Designer brushes, which are a round watercolor brush shaped to a fine point, in sizes 0, 1, and 2.  This is somewhat larger than many of the brushes I already have, but I think I had fallen into the trap that gets many new scribes of thinking that small painting needs small brushes.  In fact, much Medieval-style painting can (and should) actually be done with a larger brush – larger brushes will carry more paint and allow you to create a more even area of color.  I’ve got a scroll to make for this weekend’s upcoming Terpsichore at the Tower event, so I should be trying these out in the next day or so!

Now I’m just waiting for a delivery of Girl Scout cookies.  Thin Mints, I hear you calling…

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