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Experimental Weaving Finished!

March 11, 2014


I finished up my experimental weaving project the other day, but just cut it off the loom tonight.  Warping just once around the loom gave me about 30 inches of length (including the fringe), but since this was a test project I wasn’t too worried about how long it would end up.
Finished Length
Overall, this is much larger than the original work it’s based on, but that is largely because of the type of thread used – #10 crochet cotton as opposed to silk.  For comparison, the original piece is only a centimeter wide where mine is about 7/8″.  The original also had 46 picks per centimeter (a “pick” is each time the weft thread goes through the shed) and mine has 10 picks per inch, so quite a bit chunkier in some ways.  It’s likely that the silk thread was much finer than the crochet cotton I used, since I had the documented number of cards, and it’s possible that the original weaving used an even finer thread for the weft that allowed for tighter packing of each pick.  I’ll leave that up to the person this was meant to help to figure out, since it’s ultimately her project!

Up next – a couple of scroll projects for upcoming events and I’m still contemplating a card woven belt with lettering for this year’s A&S Fair (in a little over 6 weeks).  Time to learn a new technique!

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