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Cheese & Crackers!

February 14, 2014

Who doesn’t like cheese and crackers?

I was asked by the royalty liaison for tomorrow’s event to contribute something for the royalty room lunch table.  Since there will be 7 royalty on site with a variety of food likes, dislikes, allergies, and diet choices, I decided to forgo my usual dessert baking and made something that I hope just about everyone will be able to eat and enjoy.

CheeseA friend of mind recommended this simple cheese found in the food-dairy section of Stefan’s Florilegium, a collection of articles about a variety of SCA subjects.  The cheese is just whole milk and heavy cream with lemon juice to form the curd.  It’s drained in a cheesecloth bag and then flavored as you like.  For this version, I added lemon zest, chopped dill, and a little salt.  Depending on how long you let it drain, the cheese is soft and spreadable or a little drier.  I drained this for about two hours and it’s spreadable at room temperature.

CrackersTo accompany the cheese, gluten-free crackers!  Gluten-free because one of the visiting royalty is sensitive to gluten and instead of buying expensive store-bought crackers with who knows what in them, I wanted to try making something at home.  These turned out pretty well, though they are not as crispy as a processed cracker might be, they are crunchy and tasty to munch on.  They are flavored with salt and pepper and otherwise have a fairly neutral taste.

Now I have about five more buttons to attach to my dress to finish it off and a couple of last finishing touches to complete my scroll assignment and then it’s just a matter of making sure everything I need tomorrow gets into the car!

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