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Grey Wool for Winter

February 10, 2014

Hanging DressI finally did cut out the pieces of my new dress on Friday last week and then spent much of Saturday and part of Sunday sewing it together and inserting the linen lining.  I’m pleased to say that it’s all ready now, hanging upstairs and waiting to be hemmed!

I need to make a trip out to our local specialty embroidery shop tomorrow to pick up some silk thread to do the buttonholes and get started on those sooner rather than later!  I did a couple of practice buttonholes yesterday on some scraps of the same linen and wool sewn together just to see how they would work – I recommend this any time you make a garment out of different material.  Knowing how the fabric will react to being stitched for the buttonholes is a good idea before you start on the actual garment!  My buttonholes on this dress are going to be red, and I have some silver fleur de lis buttons that the Hubs bought for me at Pennsic last year.

Final FittingFinally, here’s a pic of the dress as it was on Sunday afternoon – lining in and stitched around the edges, front seam of the skirt sewn up.  The dress feels good and it should keep me warm in the sometimes-chilly fighting hall of Val Day!

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