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Projects Completed and Project Progress

February 5, 2014


Wow, so three weeks have gone by again and though I’ve thought of posting it just hasn’t happened until now.  I’m sure I have a book update to do as well!

We’ve had a bit of an event break between 12th Night at the start of January and Val Day, which is upcoming in about a week and a half.  I’ve been using the time to work on a variety of projects that have been in the works for a while – and starting some new ones.  **Warning – this is an image-heavy post, so be ready!

Abrizhade and AlexisFirst off, I was commissioned several months ago to make a series of heraldic patches Zarina and Gwendolynthat were needed to update the Rose Cloak that is worn by each former Midrealm Queen during the reign after she steps down.  It took a little bit for me to coordinate getting the fabric and other supplies needed – these are just painted on cotton fabric, so nothing involving complicated embroidery that would have taken a lot longer!

AnneLyse and BrynhildrI took advantage of a couple of weekends when the Hubs was out of town and weather Kenna and Ilsawas bad to binge-paint and then just finished up the last of them this past weekend.  I’ll be handing them off to the person in charge of the project at Val Day and then they’ll be sewn onto the cloak.

Runa and RunaAll in all, this was a fun project – lots of different colors and patterns.  I’m happier with some of the finished pieces than others, but I kept reminding myself that people will mostly be looking at these from a distance!
Julianna and CatarinaTessa and Vukasin





Final GartersSecondly, a previous project was continued when I was asked at 12th Night to make another batch of Midrealm garters to go to Gulf Wars in March.  I finished those about a week and a half ago and then I warped up the loom again to make something similar for the royalty gift exchange that will happen at Gulf Wars as well.  The Middle Kingdom has been paired with the East Kingdom for this event, so the garters on the left are done in the colors of the East.

I had a lot of fun making all of these, especially these last couple of sets – it kept me busy in the evenings!

Black LiningFinally, I started a new dress last weekend while the Hubs was out of town, using some wool we found on sale at the end of last winter.  This is my first wool cotehardie, so I’m hoping that it turns out nicely.  Saturday morning I spent a couple of hours marking and cutting out the pieces for a linen lining for the bodice and sleeves of the dress.  This will keep the wool off my skin and minimize itching.  The fabric I have isn’t particularly scratchy and I’m not necessarily sensitive to wool, but I figured better safe than sorry!  Plus, this will help the upper part of the dress have some structure.  I sewed the pieces together Saturday afternoon, and I’m pretty pleased with the fit so far.  Taking the “selfie” was amusing…

woolAnother couple of hours of last night and tonight were spent in the basement at our big layout table (yay, big table!) marking out the pieces for wool dress.  Now I just have to be brave enough to take the scissors to it!  I’ll probably get it sewn together over the weekend and then it will just be a matter of making buttonholes and attaching buttons and, for the first time in a while, I’ll have a new dress for Val Day!

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