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Winter Weaving

January 14, 2014

Another tidbit from 12th Night is that I was asked to make some more of the woven garters that I had been working on back in the Fall!  It’s gratifying to know that they have been a popular gift.  The new ones will be given at Gulf Wars in March, so they have the potential to go to people from outside the Midrealm as well!

I’ve also started a little experimental project to help out a friend who is researching false hairpieces in the 14th century.  There’s an existing piece in the Museum of London that consists of a woven band with two braids of human hair attached to it.  The documentation on this piece says that it was tablet woven with 26 cards.  The outer two cards on each side are threaded through four holes and the inner 22 cards are threaded through two holes.  We don’t have any evidence as to whether these were cards with only two holes or if the weaver used a four-hole card but only threaded two of the four holes.

My friend whose project this is asked for some assistance since she has not done any tablet weaving at all, and we Warped Loom 2still need to sit down so she can actually get her hands on a loom.  My own curiosity got me going on this as well, so I’ve done a short test warp on my small loom with the correct number of cards, just using regular crochet cotton (the original is silk).  I’ve never done anything other than weaving with four-hole cards, so I want to see how this works out so I can advise my friend properly when she gets started on her own work!

I just used some extra thread I had on hand in colors I don’t use very often.  The original piece is all one color, but I did the outer cards in a different color just to provide a little contrast.  Warped Loom 1You can see here how the cards in the center that are only threaded through two holes sit a little lower than the outer cards – they’re currently turned so the threads are in the top two holes so they lack the support of the bottom threads to hold them even with the outer cards.  When I start weaving, I’ll turn these inner cards so the threads are arranged vertically so a shed is opened for me to put the weft through.  This should be a fun experiment!

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