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Post Christmas Pics!

December 26, 2013

Full TinAnd here’s the finished cookie product!  Tuesday morning I packed a bunch of tins to give as gifts to my family and this is one of the larger ones that I give to my parents and my brother and his family.  I still have to get a couple more smaller tins to use for our neighbors and some other family members and friends.  Making cookies is a lot of work – especially when I wait until the last minute to get started – but I enjoy the results and I love to share the goodies as much as I can.

Book of KellsInkle BookAfter we got home from my parents’ house last night, the Hubs and I exchanged our gifts to each other.  I got him a little stand for his shaving brush and a grey tweed flat cap to keep his head toasty in the cold weather.  He got me these two lovely books – one on the Book of Kells manuscript and one full of inkle weaving patterns.  Hopefully the Kells book will inspire me to try my hand at some more Celtic-style illuminations.  I flipped through the weaving book a bit last night and there are even directions on how to do lettering and lots of different weaving variations that look like they’ll be really fun and challenging to try out.

So another largely enjoyable Christmas has mostly passed.  No time to rest, though – we’ve got a holiday “bad sweater” party with friends this weekend, New Year’s Eve next week, and then 12th Night next weekend – and much to do in between!

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