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On the Fourth Day of Cookies…

December 22, 2013

I ran out of flour.  Srsly.

And this is after having gone to the store yesterday, going down the baking aisle (because I was out of brown sugar), looking at the flour and thinking to myself something along the lines of, “Nah, you’ve got enough to get through tomorrow and you’ll probably need to come back for something on Monday anyway…”  So I skipped the flour and then after I made yesterday’s cookies I realized that I really should have just picked up a bag anyway.  Especially since last night we had a lovely storm that put a quarter-inch of ice on everything outside so it would be really stupid to drive today.  Does this mean my baking card is revoked or something?

Chocolate CaramelsSo yesterday I made the Triple Chocolate Caramel cookies from Taste of Home.  I still need to drizzle them with melted chocolate to finish them off, but they smelled so good when I opened the box to take a picture today, we had to sample them anyway.  These are always rich and flavorful, and the contrast between the chocolate cookie, caramel filling, and chocolate drizzle is a good mix of textures and flavors.

Jello WreathsI also made a batch of wreath cookies with the old-style cookie press and boy am I aggravated at all the time I wasted over the years struggling with that stupid squeeze press!  This was ridiculously easy.  One twist of the handle, lift the press, and – presto – a perfect wreath!  It helped that the dough behaved itself this year, too.  It’s always amazing how the same recipe can come out very differently under different conditions – too wet, to dry, not sticky enough.  This dough was perfect for this year and went through the press with no complaints, so there was no cursing on my part!  The recipe I used was one from Land O’Lakes butter for basic spritz cookies.  The only variation is that for the 2/3 c sugar, I use on 3-ounce package of lime gelatin plus whatever sugar is needed to make up the 2/3 cup.  This tints the dough a nice pale green and gives some lime flavor.  Of course, you can do this with whatever flavor gelatin you like, though I will say the combination of yellow butter and blue-ish grape gelatin doesn’t turn out well…

Cherry Almond BarsToday’s cookie, with virtually the last of my flour, is a new recipe from Better Homes and Gardens.  I was looking for another bar cookie recipe to use and this came from one of the emails that included a slideshow of easy bar cookie for Christmas (or something like that).  So, Chewy Cherry Almond Bars it is!  The dough for these was really tasty and hard to resist before baking – I love the flavor of almond extract.  I also changed this recipe a little by not adding the sliced almonds to the batter, but just sprinkling them on top with the scattered dough bits before baking.  I think this is a little nicer looking.  Haven’t taste-tested these yet – still waiting for them to finish cooling before I cut them.

So I have three more batches of cookies to make to complete my plan for this year and I hope to get them all done tomorrow so I won’t have to bake at all on Christmas Eve day.  I’ll probably run out to the store first thing tomorrow morning and get more flour so I can get things rolling.  Luckily, two of the three kinds of cookies left are bars, so those will be easy, and there is one more spritz recipe that will hopefully work as well in the old press as the wreaths did!

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