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Fabric Stash, What Fabric Stash?

December 2, 2013

So of course, among those who sew the old joke is that the one who dies with the biggest fabric stash wins!  My mother has a crazy stash of fabrics and yarns and so on in the basement that I’m probably going to have to deal with at some point.  Unfortunately, the fabric is all stuff she uses for making breadbasket liners and other craft show things, so nothing that I can use for garb – darn it!  We have a little bit of a stash ourselves – some linen and some woolens that we’ve picked up here and there.  Nothing huge, though, and I keep trying to get myself to make the things the fabrics were purchased to be.

FabricsAt any rate, a couple of years ago at Cynnabar’s Wassail, we picked up a couple of wool remnants that we thought would be good for making basic hoods.  One of them is a nice soft dark red that will really need to be pieced together – that might come later.  The other is a sort of purple tweedy/plaid that I just fell in love with.  Last weekend (before Thanksgiving) we spent some time at the cutting table in the basement, cutting out the pieces for a new parti-colored cote the Hubs is making and I brought down the purple wool and some lightweight purple linen and cut out the pieces for a hood – finally!  I cut the wool so the selvedge, which has a little fringe to it, forms the edge around the opening.

Pinned TogetherToday, after some typical procrastinating, I spent an hour putting things together, sewing the lining and outer fabric separately and then going through the mental gymnastics to get the two together!  See, silly me decided that I wanted to leave that fringed selvedge  visible around the opening of the hood.  That meant I had to figure out how to attach the lining in a way that wouldn’t turn both the edges inside.  I’m really terrible at visualizing these things, so I played around with putting the two pieces together until I finally worked out which “right side” needed to be facing which “wrong side” to get the finished result I wanted.

HoodHood InsideAnd, there it is!  Wool hood with linen lining sewn in around the face.  This is going to be a slightly anachronistic hood, since it doesn’t have the liripipe of a later-period style, but I want to put some embroidery and beading around the hem.  I left the bottom of the hood open at this point so I can do the handwork before finishing it off.  Now I just need to go out and do a little bead shopping!

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