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Goodies for the Weekend

November 14, 2013

I had a kitchen day today to get ready for the weekend.  This way everything will be set to pack up tomorrow instead of having to rush around cooking and packing all day.

I decided to bring my own snacks for lunch during the day and yesterday we had chicken stew for dinner, so earlier this week I started another batch of the no-knead bread dough.  I used half the dough yesterday to make a pair of small loaves, one of which I’ll take along to the event on Saturday to have with lunch.

Brownies 1In addition to that, today I made a batch of brownies to bring along.  The recipe for these comes from Hershey – I got an email from them yesterday about their new recipe website, so I trolled that for a bit until I found something that sounded tasty.  I made these Deep Dish Brownies with the addition of some semi-sweet and special dark chocolate chips in the mix.  I also baked them in a 9″ square pan instead of the smaller 8″ pan the recipe called for so they’ll go a little farther.

Brittle 1In the afternoon, I made up a batch of Ginger-Sesame Brittle to contribute to the goody table for the Royalty Room.  The Princess of Ealdormere will be attending and she has a wheat allergy, so I wanted to provide something gluten-free.  Plus, I was inspired by a candy-making episode of Good Eats we watched a week or so ago to make this again.  This brittle is pretty tasty, though it is a little bit annoying to make – as soon as you add the sesame seeds to the hot sugar mixture it gets REALLY stiff and hard to stir and I always feel like I’m leaving too much of it in the pan.  It just cools too quickly on the sides of the pot to scrape it all out.  There’s also really no cutting it into neat shapes like the website shows, though maybe I’m letting it cool too much before cutting.  Still, I don’t think that something like a brittle has to be cut into even, regular sections so I tend to just bash it on the countertop to break into bite-sized pieces.

Tonight I plan to finish weaving the trim to be donated to the prize table and then I’ll be all set!

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