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It Works!

November 8, 2013

I didn’t do any weaving yesterday because I was a little bit afraid to start, in case I had gotten the threading wrong.  I just didn’t want to have to face undoing things to correct the problem!

3But today, I bit the bullet and got started…and it works!  The pattern is right and I like how this size 20 thread is working.  The final product is much narrower than it would have been out of the size 10 thread, which is fine, but also has much less front-to-back bulk as well.  I have a feeling this thread is going to chew up my cards pretty significantly, though.

So far I have about 7.5″ done and it’s just less than an inch wide.

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  1. November 8, 2013 2:27 pm

    Super cool! I wish I knew how to weave!

    • November 8, 2013 2:45 pm

      Thanks! It is easier than it seems, though I wouldn’t recommend starting out with card weaving. If you look at some of my other posts on inkle weaving, that is much simpler – you can lay out the pattern with a piece of graph paper and some colored pencils.

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