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Scroll 17

October 1, 2013

A friend of mine on the current Royal staff as Queen’s Champion asked me a few weeks ago to do the scroll for his Royal Vanguard award.  I’ve been thinking about what to do, and the Queen had a couple of requests for items to be included so after getting everything done for Rose Tournament last week I’ve been working on this new scroll.

Dragon 2I took the dragon from the Champion’s fighting kaftan – he does a Magyar persona – holding the Queen’s Spear.  The Rose signifying the Queen sits between the dragon’s wings and at the top is a purple tulip that is part of the Queen’s personal heraldry and one of the things she requested I include.  I finished up the painting yesterday and I’m thinking it looks pretty good so far!  I’m Flower 1debating whether to use some gold paint on the gold parts of the dragon, just to add a little “bling” but I still haven’t decided on that.  I need to stop at the craft store tomorrow to pick up a couple of new Micron pens to do the outlining (these are kind of a scribe’s cheat – archival-quality pens that do an extremely fine line).

Rune PracticeToday I spent some time practicing writing the text.  Since the recipient’s persona is 10th century Magyar, the writing of the time was a runic system rather than Latin lettering.  I enlisted the services of another scribe from the East Kingdom who was able to translate my text into Hungarian and also provided a website that would convert the Hungarian text into runes!  So I ran through a couple of different line spacings to see what would work best in the areas available on the scroll.  I’ve got a layout that I think I’ll be happy with, so now the next step is to do the outlining and lettering to finish things off.  Then, just to deliver it safely for morning court on Saturday!

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