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And Then There Were 10

September 25, 2013

10 GartersTen more garters finished!  I’ve had a bunch of them done for a while, and just cut another set of 4 off the loom last night, so when I had some time this morning I went upstairs and sewed on the rings and then trimmed off the tails of the weft threads to finish them.  So I have a total of 19 finished – 21 more to go to complete the commission!

This is going to be a project-heavy Fall, I think – more items are in the queue – but that’s fine.  I always have good intentions before Pennsic that end up fading away after we get home.  Since I have some deadlines ahead and people are making requests of me, it’s incentive to keep working!

In the next two weeks I need to make a new tunic for the Hubs to wear to serve a feast and do a commissioned scroll for a friend.  Busy busy me!

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  1. Cellach permalink
    September 25, 2013 9:25 am

    They look really, really good! Thank you for your work on them. Sorry we didn’t get a chance at Rose Tourney to talk.

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