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Scroll 16

September 23, 2013

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted a scroll!  I certainly fell off the wagon with my “blank a week” challenge”…  That does disappoint me somewhat, but I have been working on other projects as well.

Rose Tourney Fret 13This is a scroll that I did for the Midrealm’s Rose Tournament this past weekend.  The court list was fairly long and I ended up lettering a bunch of blanks as well as doing both the calligraphy and illumination on this piece.  I am fairly pleased with the way it turned out, though I’m not entirely happy with the blue linework around the smaller letters.  I need to practice thinning out my paint and using it in a pen instead of trying to do this with a brush.  The other option is to get some properly colored inks to use, which I’ve been meaning to do anyway.  Got to collect those 40% off coupons for Hobby Lobby!

Cropped EThe inspiration for this piece kind of came from the Gothic-style notecards I’d been working on and I did some looking around for other similar letters in manuscripts.  This particular initial comes from a manuscript called Codex Admontensis 139 in the collection of St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict.  There are only a few pages from this manuscript in the collection, but they provide some good examples to work from!

Edited because I realized this was actually Scroll 16 and I forgot to put my number code on the back.  Now I’m going to have to figure out what my overall total is again!

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