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Bake All the Things!

September 20, 2013

Well, I know it’s been a while since I last posted but I’ve been fairly busy these last couple of weeks with my weaving project and getting scrolls ready for this weekend’s Rose Tournament.  I still have a couple of finishing touches to do on the one I made from scratch, and I’ve been lettering blanks to fill out the list as well.

I was also asked to make some cookies for the snack trays being provided to the Roses, so I’ve been working on that this week.  There are nearly 20 Roses attending the event, so I’ve been baking quite a bit!

Pear TartFirst, I baked a treat for the Hubs and I.  This pear tart is simple and tasty and is a great Fall treat with toasted nuts and the cinnamon-flavored pears.  Instead of fussing around slicing the pears and arranging them on the tart, which takes a lot of time and never quite works out as pretty as it seems it should, I just cut the pears into small chunks and tossed them with the cinnamon and sugar before distributing them on top of the cream cheese filling.  A sprinkling of crushed toasted almonds finished the whole thing!

Chocolate CookiesIn the afternoon, I baked the second batch of Triple Chocolate Caramel Cookies to go on the Rose trays.  These are one of my Christmas cookie staples and they always turn out well.  It was warm yesterday, so the butter I put out got really soft, which made the dough soft and a little hard to work with as well.  Ultimately, they turned out a little lighter in color than the first batch I made earlier in the week, but they’ll still taste as good!

Finally, I made us a pizza for dinner with a frozen dough.  I know, I could have made the dough from scratch, but I don’t have the patience for all the kneading and rising and so on.  This was a little bit of a “clean out the fridge” pizza, so it had pepperoni, some bits of onion and red and yellow bell pepper, bacon, and feta cheese on it.  We ate before I could take a picture…

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