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Five and Ten (Almost)

September 1, 2013

Two crafty projects in progress!

5 GartersFive garters completed out of the projected forty!  Four of them were done as a single length of weaving with breaks in between sections and one was woven individually, warped on the d-ring.  While I like the idea of warping directly onto the ring, it’s a little bit too time consuming for a project of this size.  The other four garters are stitched onto the ring – a couple of runs of zigzag and a couple of runs of straight stitch to lock everything in place.  Yes, machine-stitched, mainly for time but also partly because I don’t have the patience to hand-stitch them all, plus I want to make sure they are secure.

Cards YellowNine notecards with an underlayment of golden yellow in the areas where gold gouache will be.  I started this technique a couple of years ago after getting a tip at a Pennsic class.  The yellow underlay means that the gold gouache over the top doesn’t have to be as opaque and the yellow adds a little richness to the gold rather than having the paler color of the paper underneath showing through.  Next step I think is to do some pen outline before I start adding colors.

Also about 50 French green beans picked from the garden to go with dinner tonight – and just from two plants!

Today’s a day for numbers…

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