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Scribal Notes

August 30, 2013


An idea popped into my head last night and I determined that I was going to do something scribal today!  Specifically, I need to make some new notecards for myself.  I’ve made a few of these in the past and typically I use them when a special SCA thank you is needed since they’re hand painted and sometimes have gold leaf applied.  I’m down to just a couple of finished ones in my stash, so I’ve been meaning to get some replacements painted up and ready to go.

NotecardsSo here’s my work for the day – three each of a sort of Celtic-ish design, Italian white vine, and what will be a Gothic style with whitework.  The two Celtic animals at the top I’ve had drawn up for some time and just haven’t gotten around to painting.

I don’t know for sure what we’re going to do over this holiday weekend, but I’ll probably start painting next week!

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