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…And, We’re Back!

August 8, 2013

We’ve been back for most of a week already, but this is the first that I’ve been able to convince myself to make a post…  I’ve been working on doing the loads of laundry that always come home with us and getting things sorted back out into their proper places in the house.

Kitties were happy to see us, of course, and we got lots of talking-to and are still getting plenty of snuggles on the couch.  We’re always glad to see them safe as well – I always worry about them while we’re gone, even though we have a really dedicated pet sitter that looks after them.

Finished FrontFinished BackI finished my dragon dress while at Pennsic, working diligently on the blanket stitching most days the first week!  As I had hoped to do, I got it finished in time to wear for a knighting vigil on Monday of the second week.  I am really happy with the way it turned out, and it received many fine compliments from a variety of folks.  I also got some (friendly) digs from people because it’s not a fourteenth century dress, but I don’t mind time traveling a bit!  I do have a plan for some applique on the cotehardie I made for the last Crown Tournament, but I need to pester a friend for some technical help on that.

Otherwise, Pennsic was fairly uneventful this year.  The weather was mostly fine – warm days and cool nights – unlike the blazing heat we’ve had the past several years.  It only rained a couple of times, though we got a big rain on Friday night right before packing up so we had to take home wet canvas.  Once again we are thankful for our large yard that allows us to set up our tent and other canvas bits to dry.

I think my first stint as a Deputy Mayor went fairly well also.  Nobody screamed at me about anything and my radio remained largely silent, so I don’t really have anything to complain about.  I am extremely grateful to the dedicated staff of department heads that handled each section of Cultural Affairs.  Without them, I’m sure being a DM would have been a lot more stressful!

The Hubs also successfully completed the quest given to him by his Knight at last year’s Pennsic and earned his spurs!  This is a pretty significant step in his career as a squire, and he has heard from another individual that he is only the second person to have completed a quest from this particular knight.  He still has to make a reliquary box to hold the little glass jars containing all of the items he collected in his quest, but that may be a project for the cooler months ahead.

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