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Pennsic Progress

July 13, 2013

Body Progress 2This week I’ve mainly been blanket stitching around the edge of the dragon and I’m making some good progress.  So far I’ve got about a third of the body done – body, two legs and most of the wing.  Looking pretty good!  I am beginning to suspect, however, that I might need another skein of silk thread before I’m done.  I bought two right off the bat, thinking it would be good to have “extra” and not imagining that I would go through 60 yards, but I’m starting to approach the end of my first skein already.  I’ll have to see where I am on Wednesday or so and maybe have to make another run out to the embroidery shop…

I also lettered two scrolls for Pennsic court – didn’t do the illumination but used two blanks I had on hand that were very, very appropriate for the recipients, so I’m happy to be able to put them to use.  I did add a knotwork tree to one for a Willow.  Now I’m just waiting for one to come in the mail from a scribe that’s not going to War.  Fingers crossed that he will let me know he’s putting it in the mail on Monday or Tuesday.

Just finished toasting some almonds, the Hubs is outside working to finish the camp shower so we can take it over to the guy with the big trailer tomorrow, and I’m working to convince myself to go iron some fabric to make a new Bocksten tunic for him.  Lunch first, I think!

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