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Tunics for Two

July 8, 2013

Yesterday, instead of going across the state to the Roaring Wastes fighter practice we decided to stay home and work on projects since time is getting VERY short before Pennsic.  The Hubs spent all day outside working on the new shower for our camp and got quite a lot done – it’s actually standing in our driveway right now.

Green Shower TunicBlue Shower TunicI spent most of the day inside, sewing us the needed new shower tunics for this year.  Does it say something about my SCA career that I’ve been playing in the Society for almost 10 years and I don’t think I’ve ever made the stereotypical T-tunic before?  I don’t know that these even qualify, though they are a T shape.  I got a little fancy and made a facing for the neckline instead of trying to turn the raw edge or attach trim or anything like that.

Otherwise, they’re pretty basic and I made them the same size so either of us can wear either one as needed, since you never know what you’re going to grab on those late-night porta-john runs!

I may also be getting some more of the green fabric to make a spare pair of fighting trousers for the Hubs.  His current linen set are getting a little ratty, but we don’t have time to order new fabric and get it done before we leave – I don’t need that kind of pressure…

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