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Another Long Lag, but I’m Still Here!

June 27, 2013

Well, it’s been quite a while since I made a post here.  I’ve thought about it.  I’ve thought I should do it.  But then, when time came, I often didn’t feel like thinking coherently enough to put words together so I let the whole thing slide.

At any rate, I’ve been working on various things since the last time I reported in.

Squires Royal Aug 13 (Blank 15)I’ve totally slacked off on scrolls, though I did do one for Squires Tournament back in May.  This is a Royal Augmentation of Arms for the then-outgoing Baroness of Northwoods.  The augmentation was a ferret passant (in a walking pose) since the recipient is the proud owner of several ferrets.  The design is loosely based on the decoration of many of the pages in the Grandes Heures du Duc de Berry, an early 15th century book of hours.  I’m not entirely pleased with the pattern of the vines and flowers, but I think I need to get past my focus on making the border even all the way around and that would let me have more space in some areas to be more elaborate with the pattern.  On the plus side, the recipient was overjoyed at my inclusion of three ferrets into the pattern, especially the cinnamon-colored one on the left which is a type of ferret she owns.  It’s always nice to make the recipient happy!

BBW BookmarksFor Baronial Border War, the Baroness of Andelcrag asked for volunteers to make small items that would be included in a gift basket for Their Highnesses, particularly things that could be used as largesse.  I took the opportunity to inkle weave some bookmarks in the Middle Kingdom colors, which I think came out quite nicely!  Each bookmark is about eight inches long, including fringe and I got 13 of them out of a full warp on my large floor loom.

Finally, the Pennsic sewing push has begun!  I started making a new fighting undertunic for the Hubs before Crown Tournament because his old one is starting to get really ratty.  Time ran out on me then and I let the project sit half-finished since, but yesterday I got the whole thing done with the exception of tacking down the neck facing.  One thing done.

I did sew myself a new dress for Crown Tournament, and I’m mostly happy with the way it turned out though the neckline/shoulder area is still not entirely right, I think.  Also, I plan to applique a motto around the bottom of the skirt, so that’s not quite finished yet though the dress is entirely wearable as-is.  Two things done (mostly).

I still want to make the Hubs a new Bocksten tunic out of some green apple fabric I’ve had for quite a while that was meant for just that project.  I’ll probably work on getting to that next week.  Third thing not started yet…

IMG_1831Finally, last year I made a new Norse tunic and apron dress for myself out of dark green and gold fabric.  I have a couple of other apron dresses that I’ve embroidered for embellishment, but this one I wanted to do something a little more elaborate (though it’s probably not an authentic technique for this style of dress).  I had the idea that I wanted to applique a dragon around the skirt of the apron and after a year’s worth of procrastinating the topic came up in a conversation with Duchess Rebekah, who has a Laurel in costuming and routinely makes beautiful garb.  So I asked if she had any Norse style dragons and she was kind enough to provide me with TWO patterns for different dragons that she has used on previous projects!

Big DragonThis larger pattern is almost big enough to go around the apron just the way it is.  I worked today on arranging the pattern on the dress, which meant making some judicious cuts in the design (my own tracing, of course) so I could adjust the body parts to fit around the flared skirt of the dress.  I added a little bit of length here and there and it fit!  I’m also adjusting the position of the wing to just behind the shoulder of the “front” foreleg to fill in the space over the main part of the body somewhat.  The colors on this will be the same dark green as the tunic and a lighter green that I have a piece of.  There will probably also be some touches of a third color, though I haven’t quite decided what that will be yet…  Fourth thing in process!

Small DragonI also have this smaller dragon which I think would look super-cool in a pair with the heads facing each other across the center of the dress, either embroidered or appliqued.  That may happen on a future apron dress.  OR, I just had something of a vision of a Norse coat I’ve been wanting to make out of some heavy wool the Hubs bought for me a couple of years ago.  Hmm…perhaps a post-Pennsic project to inspire me to keep working after we get back!

The only other project that I HAVE to do before Pennsic is a couple of new shower tunics.  The old ones we had were getting so ratty and threadbare that we threw them into the fire on the last night of Pennsic last year as a means of forcing me to make new ones.  Of course, here we are, three weeks from Pennsic and there are no new shower tunics yet.  Need to drag the Hubs to the fabric store to get him to help pick out what kind of fabric he’d like.  Fifth thing also not started yet…

But my last class of the Summer semester was today and the online classes end Sunday, so all I have left to do is grading and then I can concentrate on sewing!

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  1. Cellach permalink
    June 28, 2013 5:42 am

    The bookmarks are really awesome. Thanks!

    I also like the progress update on your projects!

    • July 2, 2013 8:41 pm

      You’re very welcome, Sir! I enjoyed making them – I haven’t done any weaving in a while. I hope you can use them as largesse!

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