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Book Bash

March 21, 2013

More books from the library shelves!  I can’t imagine what I’d do without the public library.  Here are my recent reads:

FortyWords_miniForty Words for Sorrow, by Giles Blunt reminds me a lot of the Hazel Micallef books by Inger Ash Wolfe – cop in an isolated area of Canada, small town, family troubles.  That being said, there are definitely some more “serious mystery” elements to this book.  A series of murders committed by an unknown subject draws police detective John Cardinal into a race to find a missing young man recently come to the area.  Meanwhile, Cardinal himself is being investigated for possible collusion with the local criminals and having to deal with his wife in a psychiatric hospital.  The characters of the book really drew me in and I’ll likely be going back for more.  There are several more books following this one, though I’ll have to get the second from another branch of the library – the Main branch I usual visit only has it as a paperback, and those don’t fit behind the handles of my elliptical very well!

semperfidelisRuth Downie’s Semper Fidelis brings us back to the Roman Empire in the time of Hadrian.  Army medic Gaius Petreius Ruso is back with the 20th Legion and back in Roman-occupied Britain with his British wife, Tilla.  Life in the garrison at Eboracum is cold, drafty, and apparently unlucky, since several local recruits have found themselves dead in ways that might be suspicious but have been passed off as a variety of accidents.  When Ruso arrives on his inspection tour of medical facilities, he cannot avoid his suspicions and despite his own sense of self-preservation delves into resolving the question.  In doing so he uncovers a conspiracy that risks both his life and Tilla’s.  I always enjoy these historical mysteries, so I’m looking forward to more!

Paradise CityFinally, I went back to Brattleboro, Vermont with Archer Mayor’s latest, Paradise City.  Once again, local investigator Joe Gunther leads his team in the investigation of a robbery and arson at a local mansion, eventually connecting to a larger mystery involving the robbery and assault of an elderly woman at home in Boston, a high-level jewelry theft and resale operation, and a group of illegal immigrant smugglers.  Eventually, all the disparate threads come together and Gunther’s team resolves the story.  At the same time, Joe himself is dealing with the facts of getting older and the recent death of a woman he had loved.  Here also, the stories are always engaging and the characters fascinating in a variety of ways that keep me coming back for more and always eagerly anticipating the next installment.

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