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Meatless Monday 7

March 18, 2013

IMG_2114This week’s Meatless Monday recipe comes from Eating Well magazine’s online collection – Tortellini Primavera.

The cheese sauce on this went together easily – just chicken broth with some flour whisked in and cooked to thicken.  Shredded Fontina cheese is added, and I think it could have used some grated Parmesan as well, just for a little stronger flavor.

The tortellini and vegetables cook together in the same pot of boiling water and then get stirred into the sauce, so that’s an easy step as well.  The veggies were crisp-tender when the tortellini floated to the top, though I think you have to be careful to cut the carrots small enough to cook in that time!

This recipe made plenty – certainly at least the 5 servings it states and maybe even more.  If you weren’t doing Meatless Monday, you could also add some sliced grilled chicken for a little more protein, but I found it filling enough as it was.

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