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Scroll 12 – New Project

March 13, 2013

Word went out a few weeks ago that the staff of the annual Arts & Sciences competition was looking for a new design to use as the cover page given out to participants when results are announced.  I was encouraged to submit a piece by a good friend, and I had stored the idea in the back of my mind for a while.  At the start of this week, it came to the forefront once again and I thought that I had perhaps missed the submission deadline but found that it’s not until the end of this month.

So I started thinking about what to do.  The design needs to be illumination only and there has to be a 4×6″ space left open for the text printed on each sheet giving the participant’s result.  I have a couple of ideas in mind, inspired by the canon tables often found in religious manuscripts, but I also had a thought about another piece inspired by the Manesse Codex.  I tossed some ideas around for a bit and then yesterday I had the “vision” of what I wanted to do.

SketchThis is my first preliminary sketch (click to see it more clearly).  The design is drawn from several different pages of the Manesse Codex where there are architectural scenes across the top of the page, often with ladies observing combat taking place below.  One page even has a musician, which is one of the figures I wanted to include in my design to demonstrate some of the different concepts of art and science.

I have three figures – a lady stitching, a musician playing, and a figure holding a drawing compass.  I figured this is a good way of showing a variety of activities without getting too complex and busy!

Below is an arched opening that will be left free for text.

I’ve already transferred the design onto a piece of Pergamenata – I figure it’s a good idea to do this as an actual scroll blank so I can use it in the future if the opportunity arises.  Tomorrow, I’ll likely start painting – more progress to come!

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