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Scroll 10

February 26, 2013

I actually finished this scroll blank on Saturday so I’m going to count it for last week!  Once again I’m not having much luck keeping up with my blank-a-week plan, but life goes on!

Cologne Missal CropThe blank is based on a page from this 15th century German manuscript now held in the British Library.  It was also an example given in a scribal class I took last Pennsic on different types of flowers and leaves in manuscript illumination.  Most of the examples given were 15th century, but there are a lot of fun variations to play around with!

I’ll admit that this is another variation on the type of swirly flower border that I’ve done before, but even though these can be simple they have a certain appeal and elegance to them.

Blank 10I’m pretty happy with the way this piece turned out, and it was fairly quick to do!  I drew in the design on Thursday last week and then spent a couple of hours painting on Saturday.

I still feel a little strange just doing blanks.  It’s hard sometimes to think of what to do without having a specific assignment in mind, but I’ll carry on!  Besides, I keep telling myself it will be good to have a supply of blanks to keep when I have to hand over the Signet supplies whenever I pass the job on to the next person in line.

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