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Book Update

February 20, 2013

I’ve kind of gotten my book schedule mixed up, mainly because I’ve been checking out DVDs from the library as well and they only have a one week loan period.  So I usually run by the library after the Hubs and I have lunch on Wednesdays and if I need/find a new book, I’ll pick it up.

So here’s the most recent list:

Heir SevenwatersI just finished Heir to Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier, the continuation to her previous “Sevenwaters” trilogy set in 9th century Ireland.  If you like a bit of Irish history and the Celtic mythology of the Fair Folk, you’ll like these books.  They’re a little bit of adventure, and little bit of magic, and usually a little bit of romance all wrapped up in one – typically satisfying stories in which hero and heroine struggle along a difficult path but end up together at the end!  I was pleased to see this further development of the series and I have two more books to go!

kingdom-of-strangers-225For a completely different environment, it was back to Saudi Arabia with Zoe Ferraris’s third book featuring Katya Hijazi and Nayir Sharqi, Kingdom of Strangers.  In this story, the bodies of 19 murdered women are discovered in the desert outside of Jeddah and Katya works to find the connections between them as the police force searches for the killer.  Meanwhile Katya and Nayir are still working out their relationship in a world that ruthlessly controls the interactions between men and women and Katya wants to be a more active, independent figure while Nayir remains a devout Muslim.  I hope there will be more to this series, though the author’s website says she’s “making a transition” from writing about Saudi Arabia to writing about other interests, so I’m not quite sure what that means for the future of Katya and Nayir!

Witch BabylonSticking with the Middle East was The Witch of Babylon, by D.J. MacIntosh.  Come to find out, this is the first book of a projected trilogy, so I have more to look forward to here as well!  This was a Dan Brown-esque romp from New York to Turkey to Iraq, the story revolves around an ancient stone tablet taken from the Baghdad Museum in the early days of the American invasion.  Nefarious forces and hapless heroes seek out the tablet, perhaps one of the earliest Biblical texts ever discovered.

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