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Greek and Arabic and Futhark, Oh My!

February 17, 2013

This weekend’s event was the Herald’s Point and Scribal Collegium hosted by the Canton of Weldlake.  As in previous years, the event was small but fun and the weather was mostly nice (there were some snow squall whiteouts in various places on the roads) so there were probably 40 people there, including both instructors and attendees.

In addition to helping a friend with an introduction to calligraphy class, I taught a class on faux hands for calligraphy – scripts that fake the look of non-English writing.  We talked about hands that mimic Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, and Asian text, as well as converting English to Futhark, which can be done pretty literally.  I included points of punctuation and capitalization also.

Faux Hands for Calligraphy  Here is my handout – as I note, none of the hands included were made by me.  The majority of them come from the An Tir College of Scribes guidebook, and the Asian hand was sent to me by another scribe several years ago but I sadly neglected to record the name of that individual!

If you’re a scribe reading this, have fun playing with these different hands!  Try something new and do a scroll that isn’t 14th Century French – not that there’s anything wrong with that style.  😉

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