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Calligraphy Week

February 3, 2013

I do have a blank done, but I can’t post it yet.  It’s for court next week at Val Day and the image could be recognizable to the right people, so I’m going to hold off on revealing it until after the event.

To make up my time, I’ve been doing calligraphy this week.

IMG_2080First, I lettered the Hubs’ spurs quest in his book.  I’m not entirely happy with the way this came out because the ink bled into the paper somewhat, but it’s readable.  Though it’s not required by the rules of the quest, we are going to have people that help fulfill the steps sign off on them.  Duke sweat, after all, is hard to see in a little glass bottle.

I also tried for the first time to do some calligraphy on actual parchment.  I bought a couple of pieces of finished parchment at Pennsic in 2011 from the booth set up by Pergamena and I also got a handful of pieces from their scrap bag to practice on.  I’ve never used parchment before, and I’ll admit I’ve been somewhat intimidated by it, but writing on this stuff was scary nice.  I may have to do more…  What I started with are just going to be labels for the items in the quest jars.

IMG_2079Today I lettered two scroll blanks for Val Day court, since it seems that everyone who is going to take an assignment has done so.  Luckily, I was only left with two unclaimed pieces, plus the one I’m doing from start to finish.  Got the two blanks done this afternoon – the illumination is not my work, but from the pile in the Signet folder for just these occasions!  I’ve covered the names of the recipients because these are still “state secrets” until they are read out in court.

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