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Scroll 8

January 26, 2013

Another couple of weeks have slipped by since my last scroll!  I’m not having the best of luck keeping up with my challenge to myself…  I was laid low by a stomach bug last week, though, so I guess I can call that a partial excuse.

Egerton 608 folio 3This latest piece is based on a page from a manuscript in the British Library known as the Echternach Gospels (MS Egerton 608) that was produced in Germany around the middle of the 11th century.  The illuminated initial B is found at the beginning of the prologue to the text of St. Jerome.

Since I want to use this for a scroll eventually, I just used the border design and left out the large initial and the rest of the text.

According to the British Library, the text of this manuscript is written in Carolingian Miniscule, so I’ll probably use something like that when it comes time to put a text with this.

Blank 8Once again, I’m amazed at how a few touches of white can really liven up a design.  When I had everything finished but the white details, the overall effect was fairly nice, but kind of bland.  Adding in the finishing touches with white really made the whole design pop and gave some depth to the pattern.  Having the white in the corner squares gives the effect of a mitered corner, and the white zigzag along the sides really brings that pattern out as well.

This page also has a “sister” in the manuscript that marks the beginning of the letter of St. Jerome.  It has a similar layout and colors, but the border design and details are slightly different.  I’ll probably do that one somewhere along the way as well.

Next on the docket is a scroll for Val Day in two weeks.  I’m pleased to say that I’ll be making a scroll for a friend of mine and I’m looking forward to working on it.  I’m going to try something different for me – figures!  I don’t usually do designs involving human forms because I don’t feel particularly confident at them, but I’m going to fall back on my “tracing is period” defense because of the vision I had for this one.  Hopefully I’ll be as happy with the result as I was with my last vision!

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  1. January 27, 2013 7:04 pm

    Hope to see you at Val Day, we are going to try to come. I missed talking to you more at 12th Night. ❤

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